How We Work

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The Rhode Island Public Health Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We conduct research and develop programs to solve complex public health challenges. Recent programs focus on food access, HIV and STD prevention and care, HCV elimination, physical education, and policy making through a “health in all policies” approach. Our work is both local and national. 


Our Commitment To Transparency

The Rhode Island Public Health Institute aims to solve complex public health challenges. And we’re committed to accountability and transparency in everything we do. Posting current audited financial statements is one of the ways we do that.

Our Approach

Our work is collaborative, informed by research, and aims to address real-world public health problems. Our activities fall into four categories:


Our direct service programs are informed by research and community input. Our programs aim to address the needs identified by our communities.


We evaluate all of our real-world public health programs to advance the health of everyone we aim to serve.


Our research and evaluation outcomes inform policy positions. These outcomes are also shared with policy makers, partners, and the media to drive action.


Our activities strengthen the field through hosted dialogue, conferences and other events, specialized training, internships, and best practice development.

Who We Are

The Rhode Island Public Health Institute (RIPHI) team is comprised of diverse, passionate and creative individuals. Learn more about our team here!

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The Rhode Island Public Health Institute’s mission is to promote community health and to eliminate health disparities in Rhode Island and beyond.

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