What is RIPHI?

Mission Statement

The Rhode Island Public Health Institute’s mission is to promote community health and to eliminate health disparities in Rhode Island and beyond. We partner with Brown University and the Rhode Island Department of Health to develop innovative public health programs, conduct translational and policy research, and train students and public health practitioners.

Organizational Overview

RIPHI’s work is grounded in five key activities that advance public health and draw on the core competencies of Brown University and the Rhode Island Department of Public Health.

What We Do

1. Public Health Programs and Community Service

Improving public health requires outreach to communities that have limited access to health services and those most heavily impacted by preventable and treatable diseases. RIPHI sponsors high-impact public health programs in community and clinical settings with a focus on community services and translating research into practice.

2. Community Engagement in Programs and Research

RIPHI is committed to engaging local stakeholders in dialogue about improving public health in their communities. We work with policymakers, scholars, activists, and community residents to engage communities in our programmatic and research activities.

3. Educational Training in Public Health

RIPHI provides community service and educational opportunities for students, professionals, and community members. RIPHI offers training for students and public health professionals in didactic and community settings, with a focus on public health and community service.

4. Translational Research

RIPHI’s research is diverse in scope and focuses on translating research into practice, reducing disparities, and promoting health equity. Much of our research focuses on evaluating the programs we develop to advance our goal of promoting public health.

5. Public Policy and Dissemination of Best Public Health Practices

Improving public health requires policy change. We make every effort to ensure that our research and programs have maximum impact on public policy. Policymakers are involved from the onset of each of our projects and throughout their duration. RIPHI makes every effort to disseminate lessons learned from our work in peer-reviewed articles, policy memos, community forums, and in the popular media.